How does STRmix™ work?

STRmix™ combines sophisticated biological modelling and standard mathematical processes to interpret a wide range of complex DNA profiles.  

Using well-established statistical methods, the software builds millions of conceptual DNA profiles.  It grades them against the evidential sample, finding the combinations that best explain the profile.  A range of Likelihood Ratio options are provided for subsequent comparisons to reference profiles. 

Using a Markov Chain Monte Carlo engine, STRmix™ models any types of allelic and stutter peak heights as well as drop-in and drop out behaviour.  It does this rapidly, accessing evidential information previously out of reach with traditional methods.   


STRmix™ is supported by comprehensive empirical studies with its mathematics readily accessible to DNA analysts, so results are easily explained in court. 


STRmix™ has been extensively validated and is in use for casework interpretation at ESR and multiple Australian, US, European, Canadian, Asian and UK laboratories (first implemented in August 2012).  STRmix™ has achieved Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) status on the United States Army Network.