Resolve more DNA mixtures

STRmix™ is expert forensic software that can resolve previously unresolvable mixed DNA profiles. Developed by global leaders in the field, it uses a fully continuous approach for DNA profile interpretation, resolving complex DNA mixtures worldwide.



STRmix™ interprets complex DNA results in minutes. 


STRmix™ software runs on a user's PC, without the need for high-speed computing. 


STRmix™ can easily be understood and explained in court by DNA analysts.


Defence Access:  Information on access to STRmix™ software by defence legal teams can be found here [PDF, 320 KB].  To access the STRmix™ Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement (Abbreviated NDA) click here [PDF, 208 KB].  To access the STRmix™ Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement (Full NDA) click here [PDF, 284 KB].  To access the STRmix™ 60 Day Defense Access Software License Agreement click here [PDF, 196 KB].


STRmix™ is a breakthrough for forensic analysts as it can assist investigations using DNA evidence that was previously considered too complex to interpret. The software has been developed by New Zealand Crown research institute ESR, with Forensic Science SA (FSSA).  


STRmix™ includes a function that allows the software to match mixed DNA profiles directly against a database. This is a major advance for cases where there are no suspects and there is DNA from multiple contributors in one sample.


With STRmix™ you will be able to:

  • interpret DNA results faster

  • combine DNA profiles from different kits in the same interpretation

  • compare profiles against a person of interest and calculate a likelihood ratio (LR)

  • resolve previously unresolvable, complex DNA mixtures with no restriction on the number of contributors.

  • use more of the information in a DNA profile, and model any type of stutter 

  • search complex, mixed DNA profiles against a database.


To download the latest STRmix™ brochure click here [PDF, 909 KB](external link)