After a full year of technical development and testing, STRmix™ v2.5 has now been released.  Please click here (external link) (external link)to see Dr Jo-Anne Bright demonstrate this new STRmix™ release.

STRmix™ v2.5 now includes all of the extensive features STRmix™ already offers, while introducing such powerful new features as:

  • Multi-kit functionality – enabling interpretation of DNA profiles from different kits;
  • LR batcher tool – allowing users to calculate multiple LRs from multiple reference inputs to a previously run deconvolution;
  • Hd true tester tool – permitting users to perform a large number of in-silico specificity tests on a profile-by-profile basis;
  • The addition of theta within Database Search calculations;
  • Optional auto extension of post-burn in when the Gelman-Rubin convergence is not achieved;
  • Newly refreshed reporting module to replace the current Advanced Report plugin;
  • A CODIS report;
  • Significant speed and memory improvements; and
  • Password protection (optional) for default settings and kit settings.


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