This STRmix™ refresher training workshop is configured as a blend of online e-learning modules and remotely delivered live content.  It is open to participants who have already attended full STRmix™ user training and are interested in updating their skills and knowledge.

Spaces are limited, so please download the registration form by clicking here [PDF, 78 KB], and then email it to before 13 June 2022 to register your interest (1 form per participant).   Attendance will be confirmed once minimum attendee numbers are met.

General meeting instructions:  Please note the following requirements for participation in this remotely delivered STRmix™ training workshop:

  • Participants are responsible for provision of a PC and internet (broadband) connection that is capable of both receiving and transmitting uninterrupted audio and video via Zoom meetings. It is strongly recommended participants join via a download of Zoom. You can test your internet connection by joining a test meeting at link).  Further information about how to join a Zoom meeting can be found at link)
  • Confirmed participants will be provided shortly beforehand with a Zoom meeting invite for this training comprising a Zoom meeting ID and password. This must not be shared with non-participants.
  • Participants are requested to join the Zoom meeting promptly as follows:
    • with microphone muted, and
    • displaying the same name they have registered with, to ensure smooth access to the training.
    • from the same PC they will be using to run STRmix™ during the training.
  • It is a requirement that participants join Zoom for this training via computer audio and video (not via telephone)

Workshop price: $US 650 per participant

Overview:  This workshop will allow participants to revise the core concepts and mathematical principals underpinning STRmix™, refamiliarize themselves with the operation of the software through “hands on” exercises in the latest STRmix™ version, be updated on STRmix™ court issues, and access live Q&A sessions with our STRmix™ subject matter experts.  Refer to the draft schedule below for further details.

 Participants will also receive:

  • the STRmix™ User’s manual (electronic PDF), describing in detail the mathematics and biology behind STRmix™
  • the STRmix™ Operation Manual and STRmix™ Implementation and Validation guide (electronic PDF)
  • a 2-month evaluation version of STRmix™
  • electronic copies of training materials (for download prior to the training)
  • a certificate of attendance (after completion).

Online training modules:  Approximately two weeks prior to the training, participants will be provided with online access to the e-lessons via the Talent LMS e-learning platform ( link)).  Please allow ample time to complete these lessons prior to the Day 1 live content of the course. 

STRmix™ Evaluation version installation: This will be a remote installation of STRmix™ approximately a week before the start of the workshop.  Participants are encouraged to test their installation is operational using the Test Run module also provide via Talent LMS.  A laptop is required during the workshop and the specifications are as follows:


Minimum specifications

Recommended specifications

Intel core (Quad core) processor

Intel core i5, i7 2.6 GHz



300MB free HDD space

300MB free HDD space

Minimum of 4 cores

Minimum of 4 cores

Windows 10 or above

Windows 10 Professional 64 bit or above

Software specifications:

  • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • MS Excel
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Zoom



Draft schedule (subject to minor changes): 


Day 1

Day 2

Prior to the beginning of the LIVE content



(Part 1)

·       STRmix™ Operation: Revisiting Exercise 1 [1.5hr]

·       Biological Model [1hr]

·       Profile Building [1hr]


(Part 2)

·       STRmix™ Diagnostics [1hr]

·       Variability in the LR [1.5hr]

·       STRmix™ Court Topics [2hr]

12:00 – 15:00+


·       Course Introduction

·       STRmix™ overview

·       E-lesson recap (Part 1) and Q&A session

·       MCMC game


·       E-lesson recap (Part 2) and Q&A session

·       Worked Exercises

·       Course Close

*Made available 2 weeks prior.  Indicative time to complete provided in [ ]

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