"We are delighted to have signed this agreement with NicheVision" said Björn Sutherland, Forensic Development Manager, ESR. "NicheVision bring a wealth of knowledge of the forensic software market in the US and wider Americas, as well as very strong technical capability. We are confident that this agreement will greatly assist us to bring this STRmix™ to labs that want to increase the chances of effectively and objectively resolving previously "unresolvable" mixed DNA samples."

Americas-based laboratories interested in STRmix™ should e-mail Vic Meles at vic@nichevision.com or call NicheVision Forensics at 1-866-840-3758 (US Only) or 1-330-252-2711 (International).

NicheVision Forensics, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of NicheVision, Inc. a worldwide manufacturer, developer, and distributor of human identification products used in forensic labs and bone marrow transplant centers. The company develops products that streamline processing and interpretation of DNA results, and provides tools that expand the amount of samples a lab can objectively interpret.


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